Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gang Trouble

At last! My latest novel is finally in print. "Gang Trouble" was started while we were at the Garden Hill Reserve working with kids during a week long Conference dealing with Reservation problems. We decided to let the kids write their own story. They chose the characters, the fun and the problems that the characters would have, and the ending to the story. They put it together as a plot, and then from that we created an outline.
I was delighted with what they came up with. The problems their characters faced were real; they were heart breakers. But the great thing about children is that they have no problem visualizing a happy ending.
I went back home to Ontario and wrote the story. It was everything I had imagined when I sat on the floor of the Reservation Recreation Hall and listened to their ideas. I shed a few tears as I was writing, and I realized as I was finishing the last chapter that it would not be the last book with these characters. They would be back again. Whether I had to visit Garden Hill again for future books or whether I gave other children from other Reserves the chance to continue the saga, I knew I had to keep it going.
So now I have a second series started, while people are nagging me to continue the first. I am back working on "Susie's Journey", and will finish that before continuing the Reservation series.
Watch for a preview chapter of "Gang Trouble". I have to remember how to copy it in and that may take a day or two.


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