Thursday, September 22, 2005

Reservation Kid's Story

With all that is going on at our house right now I have slowed down with my writing, but I should still have a new book finished and in print by the end of November. It is the story started by the kids at Garden Hill First Nations Reserve during their Conference on Family, Violence and Healing. The children created the plot and outline, and I have been filling in the details, turning it into a fantastic Novel for ten to fifteen year olds. I still can't get over the creativity of the children we worked with.
Once that book is completed, I can get back to Susie's Journey. This will be good news for all the people who have been nagging me to finish the sequel to Susie's Story. If you haven't read Susie's Story yet click the link on the side panel and read the first chapter, or go to the Faith Christian Mission link and order a copy.