Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Gang Trouble" Created with the help of Garden Hill Indian Reserve Young People

"Gang Trouble" is finally officially off the press. Here is the back cover and a picture of the kids from Garden Hill Reserve who helped create the plot for it.

When Ben Harper has a heart attack, his fifteen year old daughter, Rose, and eight year old son, Jim, decide to relieve their father of all his stress. Things are going well until Jim has a run in with the Bulldog gang and is rescued by the Rebel leader, Adrian Kingly.

The situation becomes more and more complicated, and Rose is forced to become part of the Rebels. She tries to shield her dad from the problems in their lives, but only succeeds in upsetting him by her secrecy.

When Ben Harper dies, Rose is hounded by guilt. She tries to place the blame, first on God, then on Adrian, but her big problem stems from the fact that she can’t forgive herself.

You won’t want to set this novel down until you have read all the way through to its happy conclusion.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Prayer for the New Year

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thank You, God for the past year and the way You led and directed us. And thank You for the new year. I pray that you will make us a blessing to those around us and help us to follow your direction, every moment of every day of 2006. Increase the quality of our prayer life; don’t let us settle into a comfortable self-satisfied routine; don’t let our focus be too narrow. Give us a burden for those who are lost or dying; for our city and its officials and its churches; for our country and its politicians, reporters, teachers, decision makers, and church leaders. Help me not to get wrapped up in the mundane things of life and forget what is important, and help me to know which is which. This year, I pray that we will see positive changes in the spiritual climate of our family. I pray also that you will make me a better wife and a more understanding mother. If it is your will, I pray that you will give me the right words to complete “Susie’s Journal”, and that it will minister to needs when it is published. Help us in all the decisions concerning its publishing. And help us with the distribution of “Susie’s Story” and “Gang Trouble”. Make them instruments of blessing to those who read them. Be with our friends and family throughout the year. I ask it in Jesus name and for His glory.