Monday, February 27, 2006

Moose Factory

We were just informed of a Christian school in Moose Factory that will be needing a new principal next year. Again, it's up beyond the roads, but at least the railroad goes up that way. Some of the situations sound familiar, like having to get to the reserve by boat taxi, and having to bring rubber boots for the clay mud. But it looks like they are blessed with a few more modern conveniences than Garden Hill had.
We will probably put in for it even though it is hard for me to think of missing out on spring weather in April and May. If God wants us there we will go, otherwise, there is not much point. We will have to see if they even want us. If they don't we will know that it's not God's will for this time. But we do need to be willing to go anywhere he leads.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Faith Christian Mission Publishing has Web Store carrying books by Carol Flett

Our store is now up and running. Click the Faith Christian Mission link on the right and you will see the books and some of my prints that I still have available in stock, left over from the time when I was doing oil painting.
Our site also has a few new features including a scheduled events section. The exciting news is that we are going to the ACE International Student Convention in May as judges. We will report on that in June.