Thursday, December 21, 2006

Koinonia Christian Academy in Thunder Bay

We have just returned from a two month teaching assignment in Thunder Bay. Koinonia Christian Academy is a new struggling school that was in need of some help to keep it alive. We enjoyed the opportunity to be of use in the work of the Lord. I also had a chance to read my books to the students. Every afternoon we would spend the first half hour reading together. I found that even the five year old loved the Susie Series, and would beg me to keep on reading. When we finished "Susie's Story" she tried to get me to read it again, but then she found out that there was a sequel and she was equally enthusiastic about "Susie's Journey". I hope they will read "Susie's Calling" to the class when I get it finished.
It was an eye opener for me to see how every age group responds to the series. Before it was even published I had read it in a seniors home and I had a marvelous response from them. It has been sold mostly to adults and I have discovered that it is one of those books that gets passed around a lot. Even men seem to enjoy reading it enough to buy more books to pass out to their Friends. Now I am trying it out on the Christian school market and am delighted to find that all ages of students seem to love the books. Wow, and thank you to all who are showing such an interest. You have no idea how your comments and reactions bless me.
I am doing my best to answer your requests for the sequel to "Susie's Journey". "Susie's Calling" is well under way. I hope to see it in print some time in the New Year.