Friday, April 30, 2010

God sees the Sparrows and the Children Next Door

I watched out the window as two of the neighborhood children wound their way along my tiny garden path and disappeared. The next minute there was a knock on the door.  As usual, ten year old Haley spoke first.  "Come see. We found a little baby bird, but it's dead."

I followed them out to the lane, and sure enough, there was a featherless baby bird, probably a sparrow.  It may have dropped from the huge walnut tree towering above us. I went back to the carport and grabbed a little shovel.

"Shall we give it a burial?" I asked. I got an enthusiastic response, so I dug a little hole in my garden, scraped the bird off the lane, and dropped it into the hole.

"Did you know that God saw this sparrow fall?" I asked as I shoved the dirt back.

"He must have needed it." Haley replied.  "Mom says that whenever something dies it's because God needs it in Heaven."

The other child burst into the conversation.  "I don't like it that God makes things die."

I knew I needed to try and set the record straight.  I told them it wasn't God's fault that there was death.  I told them how God created the world and everything in it, and how it was good until the people sinned and messed everything up because they weren't acting the way their creator designed them to act.

As I stood there talking to the children, my mind went back to the times when I was a young girl and there would be a knock on our door.  A friend would come asking, not for me, but for my mother.  Could she come out today, please?  And mom would go out and play games with them or sit on the front porch and tell them stories from her life experiences.  These times would always lead to discussions about God.

I hope my friends remember these times.  I sure do.  They were part of what molded my life. And I pray that the times I spend with the children around this trailer court will have that same kind of impact.

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  1. Great post! That is so neat that you were sensitive to the teachable moment from God! And, isn't it neat that God does even see the sparrow! What an awesome God and Creator we have! He IS So creative in His design and the way He teaches! Thank you for sharing Carol!

  2. It made that verse so clear to see that tiny little bit thing and to know that the God of the universe cared.

  3. Carol, you are doing a great work. These children will remember, and you could be influencing one or more to do great things for God.