Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finding a House

We lived in the cottage for two months, but winter was coming on and Grey Bruce Art World was closing.   The plan was to find a place to live in Chatham, Ontario.  A pastor had asked Bruce to come and help him with his church, and this is what Bruce had decided to do.  See Decision .

We decided to take a trip to Chatham to look for a place to rent.  I had always hated renting.  We loved buying older homes and fixing them up, but renting meant that all your investment in time and money would go down the drain when you moved.

But, now, I had settled myself on being content wherever the Lord placed us.   See Cottage .  This would be the best home ever, because it would be the Lord's choice for us.  For the first time in many years, I was prepared to rent.  But the Lord had a surprise waiting for us in Chatham.  

We had called a realtor about finding a place to rent, but he had not been very helpful.  We decided to tour the streets of Chatham looking for "For Rent" signs. We drove up one street and down another.  Each time we saw a sign we would jot down the number, but non of the rental units seemed right and we didn't follow up on any of them.

We were passing a Harvey's restaurant when we spotted a cute little pink house around the corner.  It was so unique that we decided to drive by it.  That's when we saw the "For Sale" sign on the house next door to it.

Now, remember, we were not looking for a house to buy.  It would be crazy to assume that we could get a mortgage on a house when we had just lost everything, see Wrong Direction , and had just gone through a consumer credit proposal, see Decision .  What we had forgotten was that nothing is impossible with God.

But as we looked at that little white house with the "for sale" sign we began to remember.  It just seemed like the Lord was telling each of us, my husband, our two daughters, and me, as we walked around the house, that this was what he wanted us to have, and He was able to give it to us.  

The house didn't look like much from the outside.  The paint was peeling and the trees were overgrown in front, but it was a solid house.  We could see that.  And something inside us was telling us that this house would be ours.

There were a couple of things we didn't know about the house.  We didn't know that the owner of the property across the street was waiting for it to go up for sale because he wanted to buy it. Neither did we know that this house had been on the market for two months.  No one else knew it either, especially the businessman across the street.  The owner had listed the house two months ago but had refused to let the real estate agent put up a sign or advertise it in any paper. The day we headed for Chatham to do our house hunting was the day she had a change of heart and decided to allow the sign to be posted.

We called the agent and made an appointment for early in the morning.

The house was just about the lowest priced house in town, and yet it was a good solid older home that just needed a paint job and a few renovations. Our host was excited with us.  "If you don't get this I will," he told us.  "It's a great investment."

We knew that he knew his stuff when it came to market value in houses.  He owned one of the most beautiful homes in town and he had built it, and paid for it mostly by flipping houses.  If he said it was a good deal, it was.  But that didn't make it any easier for us to buy it.  The cheepest house in town would still just have been a dream for us if we hadn't known that the Lord had directed us to it.

We made a conditional offer, and it was accepted before the businessman could get his offer in.  Now we had a few days to secure a mortgage.  But we had made plans to go to a campground in Alabama and that's what we intended to do.  We left it all in the hands of our real estate lady and the mortgage agent and left for camp.

The camp was a time of refreshing for all of us, but every day when we called back home, the house situation had not progressed.  Just before our time was up we called our agent again.  "How's it going?" we asked.

"Well," she said,  "Your friend saw me on the street and asked how the mortgage was coming, and  I told him you weren't going to get it.  He asked me if his signature would help.  He just went in and cosigned your mortgage.  You've got yourself a house."

We loved that house because God had given it to us!!

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