Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wrong Direction, Not Following

The Mother's Day incident  was just one in a series of stepping stones that the Lord used to lead us along and refine us. It was a time of brokenness in many ways for both of us. See (Broken Mom and Broken Mom 2)

Bruce had just taken a buy out from the Post Office.  He had come up through the ranks until he had made it to Post Master, but had begun to find that some aspects of the job compromised his standards.  So after thirty years of being employed by the Government of Canada, he had taken an early retirement.

I had already started writing.  I had been working on a book about my mom, Susie's Story , spending time every day going over the incidents in her life and getting all the little details the way she remembered them. 

But then another interest started taking over my life.  I had signed up for art classes at the local high school just for a fun night out, but when we started working with oils, I took off with it.  By the time the course was over I had sold my first painting for way more than I had expected.  (that's a story for another time)

I started focusing on the painting and set Susie's Story aside. Bruce was proud of my work.  We both got caught up in the idea of having a gallery.  But we have never been good at starting small.  We decided to open a large art complex.  We would sell art supplies, do framing, have a gallery for other well known artists in the community, have art shows, and set up art classes.  

A friend from church had the upstairs of a large building available on a main highway, and the rent was cheep. We had done our homework, had a list of over 600 artists in the area and knew that their was no art supply store in the area. There was only one problem; something that I didn't know about.

Bruce had been alone in the car talking to the Lord one day when the Lord spoke to him and said, "It's time, my son."  Bruce knew exactly what he was talking about.  He had had a call on his life since shortly after his conversion in his early twenties, and had put off going into ministry while "making it" in the Post Office. The Lord had been patient.

But Bruce still wasn't ready.  "Not now, Lord," he argued.  "My wife needs her chance with her art." 

If there is one thing a Christian should never do, it is say "no" to God.  It just doesn't pay.   

What happened to us when we walked out from under God's will is posted in Wrong Direction Part 2
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