Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favorite Daddy

I want to break away from the series I have been doing, to honor my favorite Daddy, and let you know what attracted me to him most in the first place.  It wasn't just that my heart skipped a beat, and maybe my voice, too, when his eyes met mine as I sang my first solo in that little church.  That was understandable.  After all he was an attractive man.

It wasn't that he looked like Elvis Presley, because I really didn't pay much attention to singers out in the world.  Or that he could sing like him, because he couldn't.  I distinctly remember being disappointed when I saw that he didn't enter into the singing.

What did attract me to him the most?  I remember my first get-together with that church.  Bruce spent almost the whole evening with the youngest member of the congregation, a little baby girl.  I ooed and aaahed over the wee thing quite a bit, myself, but I have to confess, my fascination had partly to do with the one who was holding her. 

We married six months after we met, and when I became pregnant with Samantha, the church folk all warned me that I wouldn't get to see much of my baby.  Bruce was a letter carrier at the time, and everyone seemed to think he would carry her along in his mail bag as he worked.

He didn't go quite that far, but he did do things like riding the buses with her and taking her and the other three who came after to fun places like storybook park.  And he always had one or more of them climbing on top of him, or sleeping on his shoulder.

Eventually they all grew up; they are babies no longer.  He even had to give a couple of them away, but he was busting his buttons with pride as he did.

Now they all have lives of their own, but he still never quite gets enough of visiting with them; that love that he had for his babies runs deep.

His family all love him, too, and now that he is sick, they have been calling, voicing their concern.  Their dad is precious to them all, and they want to see him get better fast.

So do I.

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  1. What a special post! So neat to see what a great guy you married! A beautiful pic of your daughter & husband! Hope he feels better soon!

    Kim Jones