Sunday, June 06, 2010

Renovating, Our God is a God of Detail

The Lord had given us a good solid home in Chatham, (see Finding a House ) but it did need a lot of renovating.  The former owner had lived their for fifty years and had not felt the need to do any modernizing.

We had a little money for paint and a lot of wonderful friends who were willing to help apply it.  That was enough to get us in, but I did want to do something about the kitchen and bathroom. They would need complete overhauls, and that generally gets expensive.

And then there was the upstairs.  One of the bedrooms was just an unfinished attic, but Samantha was claiming it as hers. It would need insulation and lumber.  We would need lights and carpet throughout the upstairs.

Our experiences had already taught us that the Lord could supply our needs.  I was tempted to wish I had a car available to shop at Garage sales, but when our Father is teaching us something, He knows the exact limitations He wants us to work with.

 When we were ready to start the kitchen,  We were able to scrape up the materials to make some nice simple cupboards, and a friend offered some spare tiles he had left over for the counter top, but we still needed a sink.

I was catching a ride from church to a restaurant with a friend one day when she spotted a sink by the side of the road.  "Shall I stop?" she asked.  I was interested.  It wasn't a kitchen sink, and  that was what I needed right away, but we would be needing a bathroom sink, too, and this was kind of cute.

I picked it up but left the taps by the side of the road.  They didn't look like they were in very good shape.  As we loaded the sink into the car I said to my friend, Denice, "This is great, but what I am really asking God for is a kitchen sink, so if you see one of those by the road it's mine, OK?"  She agreed; as long as I knew that if we spotted a thousand dollar bill it was hers.

Early the next morning I got thinking about those taps.  What if it was hard to get the kind of taps that would fit that sink?  The garbage truck would be coming around soon and would take them, so I decided to take a walk to where I had left them and just take another look.

I had only gone a block and a half when I noticed pile of discarded treasure. There, by the side of the road, waiting to be trashed, was a kitchen sink.  This was not just any sink.  My secret silent wish was to have a white enameled cast iron double sink, the kind that never chips and that keeps the water hot as long it takes to do the dishes.  They cost about $500.00 new.

There it was, my dream sink, in great condition.  I rushed home (as though someone else might take Gods gift from me if I didn't hurry) and called a friend.  He picked it up and brought it over.  It was perfect for my kitchen.

The kitchen floor happened because the Lord caused a flooring company to have one vinyl flooring to go on sale super cheep, maybe because it was a hard color to match, but it had exactly the right color in it to match the walls of my kitchen.  We still didn't have a light fixture but then God gave us a unique antique fan light from a garage sale that I passed because I was doing an errand for someone with their car.

When we finished the downstairs we began to tackle the attic bedroom.  We were given some insulation that was left from a church renovation, but we needed some lumber to do the walls.  One day I was taking a walk around the corner, and I noticed someone ripping out a porch.  He was throwing the lumber in a pile; he had no use for it.  He hated working with used stuff.  We didn't mind taking it, not if that's what God was giving us. It was good clean lumber and enough to do the job.  

Soon we were down to carpets and lights.  A neighbor had given us a leftover piece of expensive new carpet and we thought it would work for the stairs, but the hall and two bedrooms still needed flooring.  At the same time, the local building supply center decided to have a garage sale.  A friend was going and asked if we wanted to go along.  There were carpets listed for next to nothing.

We were at the gates when they opened.  I made a dash for the carpets.  There weren't many, but there was one that was almost identical to the carpet we were installing on the stairs.  That would work for the hall.  There was a nice carpet for Anita's bedroom, and a beautiful plush carpet that might fit the attic bedroom.  That one had a bright blue stain on it, but I would have to do some cutting to fit the "Pit" under the window anyway.  For that kind of price, I had to try and make it work. The other carpets had been grabbed up by the time I claimed my three carpets.

I had no problem installing the carpets in the hall and one bedroom.  The attic bedroom was more of a challenge.  Carpeting the pit area required a lot of careful fitting if I was to have enough for the whole job.  I found it easier to turn the carpet over to do the cutting.  In all my measuring and cutting I forgot about the big blue stain.  I didn't think of it until I had finished cutting my last piece and had flipped over the 1'x1' square of carpet that was left over.  There was the blue stain.  Who but the Lord could have engineered that?!!

We needed swag lights for the Attic bedroom and den so I asked the Lord to supply those as well and He did.  There was a garage sale on the next block, and they had a strange looking pole lamp with two different lights hanging from it.  The smaller more delicate one was the exact color of peach Samantha had used to decorate her room; the other worked perfectly in the den, and they cost a total of $3.00.

The Lord was in charge of redecorating that house in Chatham, and when we sold it the next year, we made a good profit on the house.

But that's another story for another post.

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  1. WOW! God is definitely in the details! Cool! And what is also amazing - I got a kitchen sink this week from a friend! God KNOWS our needs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's neat how God puts things together, isn't it?
    I love that you got a kitchen sink the same week I wrote about getting mine.
    He's a wonderful God!!!