Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Traveling in God's Will

"You can't just take off for camp meetings.  That's irresponsible."  It was the same man who had helped us get our house, see Finding a House, but now he was scolding us.  "Remember you ordered those two e-books and they will be coming next week. I will have to have the $130.00 then, and besides you should be out looking for a job."

How were we to explain to these dear friends that Bruce already had a job preparing for ministry and assisting the pastor?  It didn't make sense to anyone else, but we knew that his days of working in the secular world were over.  We didn't have much of an income coming in.  When Bruce left the Post Office he had accepted a reduced pension, one that was impossible to actually live on unless the Lord was there to make it stretch.

And He did!  But it took some doing on His part to convince our friends that this is the way we were being asked to live.

We had no car on the road.  How ridiculous to even think of going to Alabama without a car.  But the Lord was training us, and one of the things we were learning was how to receive His gifts from whoever He used to supply them.  The car was a prime example.  Bruce had always been far too proud to ask others for favors.  But without a car it was hard to do some simple things like shopping for groceries.  It just happened that in our little church there was a sweet lady who loved to serve.  This dear woman felt called to drive us where ever we needed to go.  She loved doing it, considering it her ministry, and we were learning to accept her help as God's provision, but that didn't get us to Alabama.

We had no money either.  But Samantha and Anita, the two of our daughters who were still living at home, were packing clothes, and preparing lunches to eat on the way.  I'm not sure our faith was as strong as theirs, but we were trying to believe for their sakes.  They really felt that we should be at those meetings.

Some friends from church knew we were trying to get to Alabama.  They knew we were having no success getting a car.  Clarence talked to my husband.  "Look, I have the old Lynx that's still licensed.  You could take that if you wanted to.  It's not working very well; you would have to fill it with oil every time you stopped for gas, but if you want to risk it, you are welcome to it."  We said "Yes."  He said he would just have to do something about the tires and then he would bring it over.

Well if God was supplying the car He could supply money for gas and oil as well.   We waited on the Lord, and made preparations to go.

The day before we planned on leaving, we watched for the mail man.  We rushed to the door when he came.  We weren't expecting anything, at least we shouldn't have been expecting any thing.   There were no checks due to arrive.   But we all seemed to know that the mailman was bringing us something.  And he did.
There was a beautiful government envelope, and when we opened it we found a check for about $200.00.  To this day we have not figured out why they sent it to us except that our Lord had directed them to.

We gave Clarence about half the money to cover the front tires he had replaced on the car, and early the next morning we started out. At the first gas station Bruce topped up the oil.  The rest of the 14 hour drive went smoothly and not once more did we need to add oil.  The car appeared to have been healed of it's problem.

Right from the first day the meetings blessed us.  We knew that we had no money to return home, but at this point, our faith had been boosted to where we were not worried.  The Lord proved faithful.

A wonderful couple who had just moved to Alabama came and talked to us after the service.  "The Lord just  blessed me this week," the man said, "and I would like to bless you in return."  He squeezed something into my husband's hand.  Later, at a buffet lunch, as we sat talking to them and their bright young son, someone else squatted down beside Bruce and stuffed something into his pocket. 

Through these generous people we had all the money we needed to get home, and more. On the way home we stopped at a truck stop and there on a shelf was a large print Bible, exactly what I had been hoping to buy some day.  It was not expensive and with the extra money I was able to buy it.   When we got home, to the surprise of our friend in Chatham, Bruce placed $130.00 in his hand. The e-books were payed in full.

The camp meetings were refreshing to our souls.  They really blessed us.

Clarence claimed that his car had been healed.  He never had another problem with the oil again.

My purchase on the way home was a great blessing.  I still have that Bible.  It is my dearest possession and has traveled everywhere with me from that day on. It is all marked up with highlighter and tears, but it becomes more precious to me with every passing day, as one by one, we prove each of its promises.

The lessons in faith we learned on that trip have never left us either. Any time we meet an obstacle in our path we remember the times when God provided, and our faith grows stronger.  For that reason above all, we are thankful for the trip and the many people God used to bless us along the way.

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  1. God is good! All the time! Love this post! Wow! God still does miracles everyday!