Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Girl Next Door

After a full, somewhat stressful, day at the hospital today, I decided that I needed to spend some time in my garden.  I didn't realize that God had my evening planned, and the garden was exactly where He wanted me to be.  I was pulling out spent plants when the eleven year old neighbor girl came out.

"What are you doing?" she wanted to know, so we had a discussion on gardens and gardening, but then the conversation changed to include what was happening with my husband. 

"It's OK though," I assured her.  "There are lots of people praying for him, and God could heal him, and he could be fine.  But even if he died, that would still be OK, because he knows where he's going and it's a much better place."

I told her that he had friends in heaven that would be waiting to see him and thank him for helping them get there.  I told her about Vern (see Vern and Bruce  )  And then I told her about Mary.

I told her how Mary had been mad at God because she thought He was the one who had taken away her mother.   She had played the piano in the Baptist church as a favor to her sister but she had always managed to tune out the  preaching.  When the preacher left they asked Bruce to be the pastor for a while, and the first day Bruce preached Mary listened. 

I told my young listener the plan of salvation as Mary had heard. I told how Mary had gone home and talked to God, and then how she knew that she had been forgiven.  I also told her about how when Mary was dying with cancer, she was still thrilled to be able to tell us that she was ready to go, and how she believed that God had sent us to that town just for her.

As I spoke to the neighbor girl I was thrilled to realize (and I knew Bruce would be glad to know too) that God was using Bruce's sickness as an opening to plant a seed in the heart of an eleven year old girl.  I love gardening of any kind, but nothing beats that kind of planting. 

Now, Lord would you send some rain to water that seed?

For more about my young neighbor see Play Time Outside at christiangrandparents.com and Birthday Gift


  1. I love this Carol! You are such a wise woman, always keeping an eye on eternity. I'm so glad I read this tonight :)

  2. Wow! Fantastic! God is using both of you! So neat you had your eyes open to this opportunity! What a beautiful garden you have - spiritual and physical! (:

    Love ya!

  3. Yes I must agree with the two previous writers and say how much I appreciate your sharing the Gospel which is the Good News and seizing every oppertunity. You are planting a wonderful garden spiritually for the Master to enjoy and others too even as we look at your master piece of a garden and enjoy it. So does our Heavenly Father enjoy these plantings. God is Good and thank you for your obedience. May God continue to use you both to give the Devil a black eye...;) Love and Prayers for the Both of you.
    Love Linda Fecteau xoxoxo

  4. This is my mission field. I would be remiss in my duty if I let such a God given opportunity slip through my fingers. And I know that there are times when I am tired or careless and I do let them slip. I guess we all make those kinds of mistakes at times, but I am praying that I will be more sensitive to His leading from now on.

    Please help me pray for my young neighbor.

  5. Isn't it amazing how God can use EVERYthing? Will pray for you & your hubby & your neighbor.