Monday, July 19, 2010

God led us to Paisley

I cannot doubt that every path He takes us on, including the present one, is for His divine purpose.   We wouldn't have had the chance to lead Vern back to God, if the Lord hadn't directed us to stay in Chatham, and I wouldn't have had the  story about Mary to tell the girl next door if God hadn't led us to Paisley.

We had no intention of buying a house, or even moving from Chatham in April of 1998 when we decided to spend a couple of days helping our daughter, Samantha, find a place to rent in the town where she had found work.

We drove to Paisley on a Thursday, had to be in Detroit for Sunday service, and then were leaving for New Brunswick on Monday morning. And yet in that short space of time, the Lord set us on a new path he had already planned for us.

Samantha had expected to rent an apartment in an old home across from her sister, Susy,  but when that proved unsuitable we drove around looking for a house to rent.  We spotted an old board and batten house on the main street that had a sign, but it was a for sale sign, not for rent.  We thought maybe she could try a rent to own.

We were drawn to the house even when the Realtor told us the kitchen part of the house had been gutted because it was falling apart, and the owner had been planning on tearing that section off.  We still made arrangements to see it, even though it should have been obvious that it would not be suitable for Samantha.  It wouldn't be livable without a huge pile of work; not the sort of thing Samantha could do.

During the night Bruce couldn't sleep.  He kept thinking that we should be buying the house ourselves.  There was no reason why we had to stay in Chatham.  His time as pastor there had ended and he was doing more evangelistic work.  Our home base should be where most of our family was, and God was giving him a nudge.

We saw the house on Friday and though the owner was seldom in Paisley, it just happened that he was there that weekend.  He agreed to take the mortgage, and our pastor friend from Chatham, (see Groaning that Called God on the Scene and Can We Please Leave Now Lord ) offered to loan us what we needed to settle the deal and fix up the house. By Sunday morning we had bought ourselves a house and were on our way.

Though this house took months of hard work and patience while we made meals and ate in the living room, and washed the dishes in the upstairs shower, when it was finished it was a beautiful comfortable home.

The Lord wanted us in Paisley.  My neighbor, Mary needed us.   Karen, the neighbor on the other side was the one God used to put Bruce in the pulpit of the church where Mary played the piano, but that incredible story is the subject of my next blogs.  For Part 1 of that story see: The Drought

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  1. What a beautiful post. God is an on time God.
    He had obviously orchestrated everything.