Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Story part 2

"Are you scared?" Anita and I were curled up in the backseat of the car on our way home from Michigan where a charming Honduran had just made his interest in her quite obvious. (see: Love Story part 1)

Her answer was barely audible, "yes."

I pushed a little further.  "Do you like him?"

This time I had no problem hearing her answer. "Yes."  The tone of voice said, "What a dumb question. Of course I like him."

I knew her concerns.  She had often confided to me that she would never marry any of the young men in the churches where we had attended or visited.  To her way of thinking, they were all spiritually arrogant, and she wanted nothing to do with a proud man.  She didn't even want to marry a handsome man, since she thought most of the handsome men she knew were also conceited and full of themselves.

I smiled at the thought.  There was no denying the fact that Noe was handsome with his dark Hispanic features.  But somehow I couldn't quite picture him as being either arrogant or conceited.  I wondered if he even realized how handsome he was.  It was the charming boyishness of his smile that was drawing Anita to him.

Noe began a very persistent telephone campaign to win our daughter, and Anita enjoyed the calls, but she refused to commit her love to anyone without a sure word from the Lord.  We had long talks about love and marriage, and Noe, and I felt that Noe was the one for her, but she needed to know beyond a shadow of a doubt.  She never wanted to be able to look back when things got tough and say "maybe I made a mistake."

Bruce and I were just about to begin the Christian School phase of our lives and were planning on taking a trip to Texas for a week of training.  We didn't want to leave Anita behind, but we knew it was pointless to bring her with us.  Since Michigan was on the way to Texas, a family from the church in Michigan invited her to spend the week with them.  They held the same kind of standards that we believed in, and had  young people willing and eager to act as chaperons should the need arise, so we felt safe in allowing her to go.

We were sure that Noe would be delighted, but what we didn't realize was that he was just starting a new job that took him all over the country.  He would probably be fixing printing presses in Indiana while Anita was in Michigan.  Anita resigned herself to the idea that maybe God didn't want her spending the week so close to Noe.

Noe was tempted to ask for the weekend off, but he knew it would not be fair to his new boss. He wanted to the right thing, so he agonized over the situation, but he kept his mouth shut.

And then the miracle happened.

The boss needed to take some time off.  He was very sorry to have to delay Noe's training for a whole week, but he really wanted to take his family for a holiday before the weather turned cold.  Would Noe mind staying at home for a week. Noe could look after his horses for him and that way he would still get paid.

Noe said, "sure, I'll look after your horses.  You just go and have a good time and don't you worry about me."  And then he ran for the phone and called Anita.  I think it was at that point that Anita knew that the Lord was giving His blessing.

We dropped her off in Michigan, and went farther south for a week of intensive training, but before the week was out we got a call from Anita.  "When you get back to Michigan, there is something that Noe wants to ask Dad, so can you hurry back real soon?"

We did.  But before we got there some of Anita's friends asked, "What are you going to do if your Dad says, "no"?

Anita didn't hesitate.  "Then I won't marry him."  Her friends could hardly believe it, but there was no question in her mind.  She wanted her marriage to be blessed.  She wouldn't have it any other way.

Her father gave his blessing, and they set a date in October.  Anita had determined that her first kiss would be the kiss at the alter, and though those three months were hard, she kept her resolve.

  They were married in Michigan by three ministers, the pastor from the church in Michigan, Noe's father, and Anita's dad. It was conducted in two languages, English and Spanish.  Her sister, Samantha, (see Mental Illness 1 and 2) wrote a beautiful song, "Let the First Love Last Forever", and sang it at the wedding.  And their church friends all helped with whatever they could, from creating bouquets out of our dried flowers to providing a delicious reception meal.

The wedding was truly beautiful, and later they were blessed with the two wonderful children that are subjects of many of my posts on  and are the children who are featured in my YouTube GrandmaCarolFlett Channel

So although I lost my hairdresser and musician, I gained, not just a wonderful son-in-law, but also two new hairdressers and musicians and a whole lot more! Anita and Noe were blessed but so was I.

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  1. What a beautiful love story. It brought me many tears of joy while reading it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!