Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good News and a Rainbow

God gave me the most beautiful rainbow, yesterday, right over the hospital. It was a fitting time and place to remind me that He makes us promises and then fulfills them.

I knew that.  With all the times we've seen it happen, I shouldn't have needed any reminding.  There was the time, for instance, when God promised to take care of us after we had lost everything including our credit, and then He gave us a house , or how He provided for our needs giving us what we needed to do the renovating.

I could look back on the time He gave us the desire to travel south for special meetings and then miraculously provided us with the funds because we were traveling in God's will.  The move to Paisley and Anita's beautiful love story were all part of the fulfilling of his promises, as was our move to Owen Sound. (The subject for my next post)

And now I was thinking of another promise, the promise Bruce has held on to since he became so sick.  When he was so near death's door way back in June, Bruce believed God told him that as He had extended Hezekiah's life, so He would extend his. But I struggled.  Was it really from God, or was it the wishful thinking of a mind that was already week from poisons in the bloodstream?

Yesterday, the nurse told us that Bruce would be coming home soon.  His blood levels were normal, his kidneys were functioning normally, his heart was fine, and he was gaining strength every day.  He will be stepping out of the hospital for the first time this weekend to worship and fellowship, and then, on Wednesday, he will be leaving it after five months of sickness.

It was shortly after receiving this exciting news that the rainbow appeared in the evening sky.  I had never seen a rainbow so beautiful, and this one seemed to be giving me my own personal promise which I will always hold in my heart.

Thank You, Lord for your rainbow of promises!

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  1. How wonderful! I'm so happy for you and Bruce. God is so good. And He loves to remind us of His faithfulness to His promises and give us little signs of His love along the way, no matter how many times we've seen Him come through for us. He's such a good Father.

  2. How exciting, Bruce is coming home after so long.
    I love rainbows!
    The most amazing thing about rainbows is that each move our family has made, to a new home and new job, we saw a rainbow like God was giving us His blessings.

  3. That is amazing. For Bruce this was, kind of, all about a move too.

  4. Yes, you are so right, Penney, He is a wonderful Father!