Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spring Storms

In spite of all the lovely fall colors, I am reminded more of spring than of fall these days.  I have to constantly tell myself, the same way I do in spring, that this is a season of change, a time of surprises, sometimes happy ones of sunshine and flowers, but then, too, I have to expect the freak storms that shouldn't happen any more but do, almost always, just when I'm sure that winter is over for good.

When the spring sun comes out and melts the snow I can't bring myself to believe another storm is around the corner, and when the storm comes, I can't seem to believe that spring could be back the next day.  And that's the way my life has been like lately.

When Bruce started doing so well and they scheduled him for Rehab the sun came out and melted the snow of our lives.  And then, the day they transferred him, even before they moved him, he became confused again and unable to do things for himself.  He didn't even want to.

The storm hit me hard because I really wasn't expecting it.  Even though I had been told by several doctors at the hospital in Toronto that Bruce's recovery would be a slow process with many setbacks along the way, it was just too hard to believe when he was recovering so nicely.  When the sun hid its face, in my mind I knew that the storm wouldn't last, and yet, somehow I couldn't convince my emotions to believe.

But the storm didn't last.  It was only a brief set back, and now he is doing well again.  I want to think the sunshine is back for good, but again my head knows that life is full of storms.  My heart isn't listening at the moment though.  Personally, I would just like to stick with spring for now, but God controls the seasons of our lives.

If another storm does come, I will try to remember that it is soaking the ground so the flowers of our lives will grow brighter in the future.

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