Monday, November 01, 2010


We weren't too thrilled when our daughter, Samantha, decided to sell her trailer, but she couldn't see any other alternative, so while Bruce was struggling for his life, our son-in-laws, some friends and I all tried to help prepare her trailer for sale.  Meanwhile, Bruce and I prayed for God's will for the situation.

We were not worried.  Even though we knew that trailer had been an answer to prayer for her, we also knew that the Lord wouldn't let it sell if it was not his will, and if He wanted her to sell, it would happen.

We had seen it happen in our lives.  Not only did He have the exact timing for  buying the house in Chatham, and selling it a year later, He had found us the house in Paisley, and He also told us when to let it go.

Our church friends couldn't understand us. When they heard we were planning to sell they would ask what our plans were, and we would say, "we don't have any plans."  It made sense to us; we were just letting the Lord do the planning.

There was a young Christian family we hadn't met but who had always admired our house.  They had apparently been interested in it before we bought it, and they had been watching as we transformed the yard into a beautiful garden.  The same day we placed the sign on our house, this couple was given a notice to vacate their rental housing. The owner wanted it for a family member.

The young man, driving by the house that day, was excited to see the house for sale.  They came to see it and seemed impressed but then we didn't hear from them for a few days.

Meanwhile we drove by a few properties in Owen Sound.  One that hadn't looked the least bit impressive to us at first seemed to catch our attention.  One day as we were having our morning devotions, Bruce stopped for a moment in the middle of his prayer.  Afterward he told me that the Lord wanted us to have that property and also that we would have an offer on the house in three days.

The offer came from the first couple who had looked at the house.  They had checked everything else out before making their decision.  We went to see the property in Owen Sound.  If Bruce hadn't been certain that this was where God wanted us, he wouldn't have even considered it. He could barely stand to go up the stairs.

But God was in it.  We set a low price that we would be willing to pay, and only found out later that the owner's son had tried to buy it for more than that and had been refused.  The mortgage also seemed impossible because it was considered commercial, but God made a way and we were able to purchase the house, because He had a plan for that house for us.

With memories like these to look back on, we were not going to worry about our daughter and her trailer.  If the Lord was using her financial situation to cause her to prepare her place for selling, we would not interfere.  Instead we did what we could to help.

Just as the finishing touches were being done and she was ready to call the real-estate agent, she received a job offer that worked perfectly for her.  She would be doing PSW work looking after someone she was already familiar with, and she would be doing it in her own home.

The trailer was ready, and she was able to start the job immediately.  Samantha will not have to sell her home.

In the next post I will fill you in on what God's plan was for us and why He wanted us to have that house in Owen Sound.

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  1. Very cool Carol! We serve and awesome, incredible, creative and ON TIME God! (: Love the post!