Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Trip

We had almost reached our Georgia destination when our car sputtered and died.  It was evening and the night was black.  We were on a winding road away from any street lights and right on a curve. This was before we owned a cell phone, and to make matters worse traffic was sparse.  It was Thanksgiving day in the USA.

Samantha, Anita, Bruce, and I had been looking forward to attending some special services and visiting friends in Georgia.  We had made this trip before, and every time we went, the Lord had provided a special blessing for us. Our faith had been built up with each gift from the Lord.  We had even gone in a car that should never have made it, but the Lord kept the car going and we arrived safely.

We had become so confident in His blessings that this incident took us by surprise.  What was going on?  Whatever the reason, we knew we could still trust God so we prayed, turned our flashers on, and waited their on the dark, lonely road.

We weren't surprised when cars passed us by.  No one could be blamed for not wanting to take a chance on stopping in the dark.  I wondered, if we had been the ones driving by, would we have stopped?

And then our good Samaritan came.  He slowed to a stop and got out of his vehicle.  It was a young man  from the military.  He was heading home for Thanksgiving.  "I just couldn't leave anyone stranded on the road on Thanksgiving day," he explained as he drove us to our destination.

We learned a bit about our rescuer as we traveled, enough to know that God was speaking to his heart.  He was a sheep who had been straying from the fold, but I believe the Lord used us that dark night to light his pathway home.

I don't know what the young soldier's ultimate decision was, but I am believing that God spoke to him that evening.  I do know that he blessed us with his kindness and we will never forget him or that special Thanksgiving day.

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