Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 The Year of Challenges

2010 brought huge challenges into our lives, and many blessings as well.  This blog was started in 2010.  It was designed to be a testimony of how God had lead us in the past.  Little did I know when I started it, how much the present would take over, and make the past look mild by comparison. 
But of this one thing I am certain.  The God that brought us through the challenges of the past, is the same one that has kept us in the hollow of his hand throughout this wild ride of 2010.  When Bruce was so desperately sick and we didn't know what the problem was, Trusting God and My Husband, when he had the heart valve open heart surgery, God can use even our week moments and the shocks that followed In everything give thanks and  Going to get easier as I go and then the day the Doctor Called , all these moments of crisis were just times of leaning a little harder on our Lord.
I have been blessed beyond measure in the year 2010, for Christ has been near.  Please read my "Everyday Christian" blog post:

2010 Peace Of Mind Didn’t Depend Upon Circumstances

Posted: 8:30 am on December 29, 2010
Did 2010 bring you the unexpected? It did for us. One month we were roaming the countryside, taking our grandchildren to a homeschool convention in Ottawa and then judging at an international student convention in Kentucky. The next month I was riding in the front seat of an ambulance while my husband was on his back, just behind me, fighting for his life.   read more

Lord willing, I will be bring you happy news about Bruce in my next post.  After that I will try and get back to posting the past series of events that I have been trying to record here.

For the last post in that series, see: Entering the unfamiliar world of Northern Reservations

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