Friday, April 30, 2010

God sees the Sparrows and the Children Next Door

I watched out the window as two of the neighborhood children wound their way along my tiny garden path and disappeared. The next minute there was a knock on the door.  As usual, ten year old Haley spoke first.  "Come see. We found a little baby bird, but it's dead."

I followed them out to the lane, and sure enough, there was a featherless baby bird, probably a sparrow.  It may have dropped from the huge walnut tree towering above us. I went back to the carport and grabbed a little shovel.

"Shall we give it a burial?" I asked. I got an enthusiastic response, so I dug a little hole in my garden, scraped the bird off the lane, and dropped it into the hole.

"Did you know that God saw this sparrow fall?" I asked as I shoved the dirt back.

"He must have needed it." Haley replied.  "Mom says that whenever something dies it's because God needs it in Heaven."

The other child burst into the conversation.  "I don't like it that God makes things die."

I knew I needed to try and set the record straight.  I told them it wasn't God's fault that there was death.  I told them how God created the world and everything in it, and how it was good until the people sinned and messed everything up because they weren't acting the way their creator designed them to act.

As I stood there talking to the children, my mind went back to the times when I was a young girl and there would be a knock on our door.  A friend would come asking, not for me, but for my mother.  Could she come out today, please?  And mom would go out and play games with them or sit on the front porch and tell them stories from her life experiences.  These times would always lead to discussions about God.

I hope my friends remember these times.  I sure do.  They were part of what molded my life. And I pray that the times I spend with the children around this trailer court will have that same kind of impact.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

God's Perfect Timing

I was so tempted to make a phone call, or at least to pace the floor, but I knew that was wrong.  If God was going to give me anything, He wouldn't be hindered by a tardy husband.  I willed myself to be patient.

For a couple of weeks I had been praying that the Lord would find us a sofa bed.  We had a minister coming to visit and no bed for him to sleep on.  We needed a couch badly and had hoped to find one at the local thrift store.  But it seemed that they just didn't get them anymore.

I had almost given up when I remembered a thrift store in a nearby town.  It was possible that they could have something.  I decided to give them a call.  "Well, yes," they said, "we do have one.  We just set it outside for anyone who wants to take it away.  If no one wants it, it's going to the dump."

"That's got to be my sofa bed!" I thought.  "Now if I could just get Bruce home we could get it before someone else comes and takes it."  My reasoning made no sense, and I knew it, so I scolded myself and told myself to be patient.

I admit I was relieved when my husband came home, but them he had to call our son-in-law to come and help.  We finally got to the store and sure enough there was the sofa.  I wasn't hugely impressed with it, but I thought, "if this is what the Lord has given me, I'm not going to turn it down."

I left the loading to the men and went into the store to check out the bargains.  A few minutes later, Bruce came in looking for me.  "Come on outside for a minute," he said.  There was a big truck parked out in front of the store.

Bruce explained.  The movers were trying to get rid of a sofa bed and chair but the Thrift store was not willing to take it.  They had made a rule, no more sofa beds; the springs and mattress inside made them too heavy to move.

It was not a cheap sofa.  It looked like new, it went with my decor, it was comfortable, and it was free; a gift from God with a chair thrown in for good measure.  If we had gone fifteen minutes earlier, or fifteen minutes later, we would have missed it.

Pastor Duane always enjoyed sleeping on that sofa when he came to visit.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Name New focus

The Lord has lead us in so many ways that are worth passing along.  Some of my testimonies can be recorded on my other blog or on Creation Conversations  But some experiences fit neither.
This blog was originally for updates about my books, but I can do that elsewhere if I go back to writing books.  Or I can include them here.  But I want to focus here on ways the Lord has led and is leading us day by day.  It's got to be all about Him, whether I talk about books or our life.

So the blog has changed from being Carol Flett Creations to God Leads us Along

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Erlise Keeps Reading

I got an email from Erlise's mom a couple of days ago saying, "Erlise just finished reading Susie's Calling for the upteenth time and was wondering if you wrote Susie's Daughter."
Erlise was the 5 year old in the school in Thunder Bay who wanted me to keep reading the Susie Series over and over.  Now she is old enough to read them for herself and is still rereading them.  That's good news to a teacher or an author.  And now I feel bad that I haven't continued on with a 4th book in the series.  But the set came to a conclusion at #3. If I did Susie's Daughter it would just be a tag on.