Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Builder

January is half gone and Bruce is doing well.  It has been over a month since I started him on the coconut oil, and his dementia has not returned.  The cognitive skills test done January 7 was 24 out of 30, quite a jump from the 11 out of 30 he was before.  About the only thing he was still having problems with on the test was math, something which is coming back gradually.
Last week he started getting ambitious.  He figured that we needed more shelving for our videos, so he decided to build a set of shelfs.  I cut the boards, since his hands still are rather shaky, but he did everything else.  It's a huge accomplishment for someone who, a few weeks ago, couldn't even dress himself.
The past year has taken us on quite an emotional ride, and I thank all of you who stuck with us and prayed us through each dip and turn.
I hope that this year I will be able to get back to the series I was trying to write about past experiences we have had while following God's leading, but if I can't resist throwing in a note of praise for what God is doing right now in the present, I'm sure you will understand.

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  1. How much coconut oil were you giving him? Did you mix it with a smoothie, or just give it to him straight?
    That is so interesting and encouraging!!
    God bless you! Janice

  2. I use it instead of butter and I usually give him about 3 or 4 tablespoons a day. I started with 2tbsp, but it's just so easy to use in place of all other fats.

  3. Hi my darling Mother has recently been diagnosed with a form of dementia called Lewy Body. She's only 65 and is a much loved mother and grandmother. I have read your article and have given her coconut oil. I am praying every day that this will work as I am completely devastated.
    Thanks for your helpful words.

  4. Victoria, I am so sorry. I know how you must feel. Make sure she is not getting any other oils because they tend to make things worse. Also, is she taking any beta blocker medication? This was something else that was very bad for Bruce.
    I'll be praying for her, so keep me up to date on how she is doing.