Friday, February 04, 2011

Our 44th anniversary that we didn't expect to happen

Two months ago I wasn't expecting a joyful celebration on this day.  And less than two weeks ago Bruce didn't know if I would even remember that we had an anniversary.
Bruce had been progressing so well, doing everything for himself again even to the point of giving himself his own insulin.  The signs of dementia have been disappearing daily since he started taking the coconut oil and about the only thing left is his shaking hands, and we are watching that gradually lessen day by day.

The strain on me was gone.  Everything should have been fine.  I could relax again.  I guess that's what my subconsciousness was thinking when it decided to take a time out.  At least that's what I've been told.

I have no recollection of the incident.  The last thing I can remember from that day is giving my husband and grandchildren breakfast. And then, vaguely, seeing my doctor in the hall of the hospital. From that point on the memory is a bit foggy but I can recall bits and pieces for the next few hours. 

Later I was told that I started crying and had a memory loss, still recognizing my immediate family but forgetting almost everything else.  I didn't remember Bruce's heart valve operation.  The Personal Support Worker was in that day, but I didn't recognize her. I didn't remember that my grandson was getting married in a couple of weeks, but when I started coming out of it I wondered if he was already married.

All of this was horribly frightening to my poor husband who had been clinging tightly to me for emotional support.  Still weak from his own ordeal, I can only imagine what he must have been going through.

Our family rallied round.  My granddaughter took me to the hospital while others came to stay with Bruce. I kept on saying, "I think I had a stroke," over and over.  I couldn't remember what I had said from one minute to the next.  But I knew my memory was gone.

They did some tests on me in the hospital, which I have no memory of, and decided that, no, I had not had a stroke.  Gradually my memory of the past returned and I was able to retain my short term memory again, but they tell me I will never remember those scary hours.

What I had is called temporal global amnesia, and can be triggered by stress or headache or a fall.  I didn't have a headache or a fall so the stress of the passed seven months must have finally caught up with me.

Today, on our forty fourth anniversary we are both doing well.  We went out yesterday and bought a new suit for Bruce for the wedding because he had lost so much weight.  But the real anniversary gift we have been given this year is each other.  I think we appreciate one another more than we ever have before, and that, in itself, is a precious gift from God.

Just before I was ready to hit publish we got another special blessing from God but I will have to let that wait for the next post.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Carol and Bruce! May you celebrate many more together!!!!!

  2. Oh Carol, I am so happy to hear you both are doing well. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful celebration of two dear lives interwoven together. How blessed you both are to have each other. My prayers are still with you.

  3. Happy Anniversary Carol! I'm glad you are doing better! I'm glad Bruce is too! You have been such a wonderful blessing to me this past year! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!

    Love ya!