Monday, March 07, 2011

As I Extended the Life of Hezekiah

"Read me the story of Hezekiah."  It was June 2010, some time near the start of my husband's sickness, but already, he was finding it difficult to read for himself.  At that time the doctors still hadn't found out what his trouble was, but we both knew that, whatever it was, he was near death's door.

 I knew the story of Hezekiah.  He had been sick, and first the Lord said get ready to die, but then, because of his faithfulness and earnest prayer, his life was extended.  I figured Bruce was going to tell me that he wanted to claim the same thing, but that's not what he said.

"God gave me a promise,"  he told me.  "I asked Him if I was going to die, and he told me that as He had extended the life of Hezekiah so He would extend my life."

I read the passage to him, but all the while I was skeptical.  Bruce had been displaying symptoms of dementia even back then.  The poisons from the endocarditis were in his blood and his liver was not able to block them any more.  They were getting past it and traveling to his brain.  I didn't know exactly what was happening, but I could tell that all was not well.

Could this just be a hallucination?  I would have loved to believe it was a true revelation from the Lord, but I just couldn't.  So many times when he was so close to death this would have comforted me, but always there was the nagging suspicion that it was only a figment of his deluded imagination.

It has only been these last few days that I became 100% covinced that God did give Bruce that promise.  How do I know now? I saw the comparison in the story of Hezekiah in II Kings 20. 

Bruce and I looked at the Biblical account again a few days ago and read about the part where, through the prophet Isaiah, God told Hezekiah to place a lump of figs on his sore and he would be healed. He didn't just say be healed.  No, he was told to use a part of God's creation to initiate the healing process.  It seemed a strange thing to do, but it worked.

We compared. I had been told that I had better prepare for the worst.  Bruce was just going to continue going down hill until he died.  But when I cried to God, His answer was to tell me to give Bruce coconut oil. (read the story of how it happened)

  God extended Bruce's life in the same way that he extended Hezekiah's.  He used a part of His creation to work the healing.  In Bruce's case it just happened to be coconut oil.

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