Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rehab and a chance to witness

Yesterday was so neat.  We took a trip to Rehab to visit the staff there.  Bruce had spent the last few weeks of his hospital stay there and he wanted to go back and let them see what God can do.

We walked up to the front desk and one of the nurses asked, "Can I help you?"  None of them recognized him at first.  The only thing that clued them in was seeing me standing beside him.  They recognized me but could hardly believe it was him.

Bruce told them how he had just kept getting worse after he left, and how we are Christians, and how God had answered my prayer when I had asked for wisdom in knowing what to do for him.  They took it well.  They couldn't help but be excited to see him looking so good.

They told us something they hadn't said when Bruce was discharged.  Bruce told them that one of our case workers had figured he only had three months to live, and that didn't surprise them. They agreed.  They told us they had decided to send him home so he could spend his final days with his family.

They hadn't known they were sending him home so that God could dirrect his wife to start feeding him coconut oil.  But that was God's plan.  Every step of the way God was leading us along.

Even now as we testify, we have no idea who it will touch.  We know that his video has gone around the world, and as of today has over 2100 hits.  He is speaking to people he never would have reached had the trial not come.

With your prayers, I know that many lives will be touched. Once again, I thank all of you who have kept us in your prayers.  It means so much!

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  1. For some things in life, we just don't have the understanding. My father-in-law suffered with Parkinson's disease for 20 years. We often asked "why." Not until his funeral did we learn of all the witnessing he did in the nursing home his last 5 years of life. A man with dementia, unable to speak, walk, or take care of himself, shared the love of Christ with his aides and roommates just by the look in his eyes and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps he touched those he never would have had he not been there.

  2. Yes, I believe it! God can use anyone, wherever He plants them.