Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three Score and Ten

They say the body completely renews itself every seven years, and if that is the case Bruce has had that happen ten times.  I don't know about that, but I can vouch for the fact that he has entered a whole new faze in his life.

Bruce just turned seventy.  We had a birthday party for him on Saturday to celebrate the fact that, through Christ, he overcame the odds and made it to three score and ten. 

He was in his glory.  He had friends and family all around him, and he was visiting nonstop throughout the day.  He told everyone how God had answered his prayer and mine.  Where once I had to start a conversation before he would speak up, now he will talk to anyone who will listen. 

This is the start of a whole new era in our lives.  Last year was a time of dying, but life sprang forth instead.  Bruce will be preaching again in a few weeks, and I am waiting to see how God will move through him.  But even now his testimony is reaching thousands via his YouTube video.

He has changed; he has mellowed and softened.  The impatience is gone, but I don't morn it's passing.  I love this new Bruce that God has given me with all my heart.

Every day in our lives from now on is a special gift from God to be used, moment by moment, for His glory.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bruce and may God continue to give you the strength he has blessed you with the last few months so that you can continue to speak for Him.

  2. God Bless you Bro Bruce and S Carol and family! Its great to see everyones picture! Im SO thrilled how the Lord has touched and is continuing to restore B bruce and positively affecting the whole family! God bless You and hope to get up and visit all of you one day soon! Maybe when we go to Tobermory next!