Monday, May 16, 2011

Heading south to Virginia

In three more days we head down south to Virginia for ACE's International Student Convention. It was at this Convention, held last year in Kentucky, that Bruce started feeling under the weather.

It was the last major activity we shared together before his brush with death.  I expected it to be our last.  Even when Bruce began taking coconut oil and his dementia started going away, I still couldn't see us taking such a long trip, at least not so soon.

But there is just something about ISC that draws us.  Maybe it's the wonderful people from all over the world that we love getting to know, maybe it's the high quality of the performances we judge, or maybe, and I think this is the biggest part, maybe it is the rallies and the lasting impact they have on so many young people who make commitments there every evening.

Whatever the reason, a few months ago I would have said the trip was impossible.  Not only would Bruce have to be able to drive for several hours over a couple of days, but he would also have to be mentally capable of judging a high degree of excellence.  And even if he chose a less strenuous category, it would still be beyond him.

But God has healed his mind.  He will be judging young preachers again this year just as he did last year, and he is looking forward to doing it.

We would appreciate your prayers as we travel, and then follow a very full schedule at ISC, and then travel back again. It will certainly test the completeness of Bruce's healing. I know God has plans for us in the future.  And somehow I believe this trip is a part of His overall plan for our lives.

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