Saturday, June 04, 2011

God's Protecting Hand on a Stormy Morning

I was just getting dressed when the lights went out.  The lighting was flashing and the storm was raging, but it was market day.  I needed to get my farm fresh organic eggs to last me through the coming week.  I waited until the rain lost some of its force before venturing outside. 

The traffic lights were out all along the way, but I knew enough to treat the intersection like a four way stop.  I got my eggs and headed home.  I reached the corner of 10th st. and 4th ave. E.  A busy corner.  I stopped and waited for the cars on 10th street to go before cautiously proceeding through the intersection.

Suddenly I was being slammed across to the 10th street curb.  The small blue bomb that had rammed me pulled up, and an agitated young man came over to my car.  "Why did you pull out when I was already crossing? Why didn't you wait your turn?"

I was confused.  "I, I didn't see your car," I stammered.

About that time another driver came up to the car.  "I called the police." he told us.  He turned to me.  "You were in the right, mam.  I explained what happened to the police."

I later learned that two independent witnesses had confirmed my statement and had added that the blue car had raced through the intersection without stopping.  The one thing that was confusing was that they both said I had turned.

I never turn at that intersection.  I always go straight through.  I started arguing with the officer even though he told me that I had done nothing wrong.  He explained to me that, not only were there two witnesses that said I turned, he could tell by the way I was hit.  If I was going straight through I would have been broad sided.

We finally came to the conclusion that I must have swerved to miss the car when I saw it coming at me.  I don't remember, but that's what must have happened.  Had I not swerved, I would probably be in the hospital now.

Our new car is a mess.  The passenger side doors won't open and the front wheels are splayed out. The car wouldn't start again and the gears were stuck. The whole front is shifted out of whack, but I was unhurt other than a headache which disappeared while I was waiting in the hospital.

I was thankful Bruce wasn't with me.  I was thankful that I had been able to swerve.  I was thankful for two eye witnesses which were, according to the officer, a rare blessing.

The twenty eight year old owner of the blue car is being charged.

The officer called me to make sure I was OK. 

Now we wait to find out what happens with the insurance.  Whatever happens, God is still in control.  What a blessing to rest in that knowledge!

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