Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Good News from the Doctor

We headed to the heart doctor's office with mixed emotions today.  We were hoping that he would say, "you're fine, go on home," but that was not the way it happened the last time Bruce finished his six weeks of  I.V. antibiotics.

The last time we went to see this doctor in his office it was to be told that Bruce's valve had been destroyed in spite of all the antibiotics.  It was all part of last year's nightmare.  

But today was different.  Bruce was able to drive himself to the appointment.  He wasn't in pain.  He wasn't all swollen up.  And the doctor did not have bad news.  There is no damage to Bruce's heart valve, and the endocarditis (infection in his heart) appears to be gone. He was given a clean bill of health!

Bruce was ready to run the mile after we left, but we went to the market instead. Tomorrow he gets to be separated from his constant companion, the penicillin  pump, and the picc line (the tube that feeds the medication directly to his heart) will be removed. 

We know that we take one day at a time.  We know that there are no guarantees in this life other than the ones God has given us in His word.   But it sure feels good to know that the doctor doesn't need to see Bruce again for six months.

Thanks everyone for all your prayers on Bruce's behalf.  We are still listening for His leading on the next stage of our journey. 

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