Friday, August 12, 2011

No, I will not doubt Him

I want to be able to write and say I have absolutely no misgivings, but would I be completely honest?  What is that pestering little thought that keeps nagging at me?  Am I guilty of doubting God?

Those who follow this blog may remember that in May of 2010 we took a trip down to Kentucky and then Bruce got sick with endocarditis and was near death for the rest of 2010. God brought him out of it, and by May of this year we thought he was well enough to go to Virginia, but again, he got sick with the same thing, and I had to drive him back home.

He is well again.  Other than a need to get more sleep, he is doing better than ever, so now we are preparing to take another trip, the one we canceled because of his last bout with endocarditis.

 We will be traveling east to New Brunswick, a twenty two hour drive by car.  This time, we will be dividing the distance into three, stopping for the night twice.  And this time, I will be doing some of the driving.

I can't say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind that Bruce could get sick again.  But do we hunker down in our little space here in Owen Sound and refuse to do the Lords bidding for fear He can't look after us while we are on His business?

Of course not!  Bruce will be the first to tell you that he was granted more years because his work on earth isn't finished yet.

He is going to New Brunswick to preach to a group of people we love dearly.  The Lord must have a reason for sending him there. The devil will try to discourage us, but that is only a sign that he is afraid of what the Lord might be going to accomplish.  We are in the Master's hands; I would be insulting my Lord to doubt Him. 

As Bruce prepares to preach again for the first time since his illness, please pray that the Lord will anoint and use him to fulfill His purpose.   Thanks.

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  1. When are you going? We will pray. God will not lead us where He cannot take care of us.

  2. We leave on the 18th and get back on the 31st.
    Thanks for praying.