Friday, September 02, 2011

Sometimes He just wants to give us a treat

Our attitude in going to New Brunswick was, "how can we serve You, Lord?"  It would seem that His thought was, "where can I send them to let them enjoy some much needed relaxation for a while?"

His answer was to send us to the Bay of Fundy where we could sit on the balcony and listen to the tide come in as we watched the sunrise, or slip down to the water's edge (me) and get feet wet in the ocean water.

He also made sure to place us near people we love dearly and who welcomed us with open arms.  He knew how much we would enjoy seeing them again, and how our hearts would knit with theirs as some of them fought their own physical battles. (we are praying for healings to take place)

I loved the sound of the waves and couldn't resist worshiping with them in the background.

But, of course, New Brunswick was not just the Lord's choice for us because of it's awesome shoreline.  Our God knew where to send Bruce to do his first preaching after his illness.  I'll include some footage of that in the next post.

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