Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Lord prepared me for this trial

The messages last weekend were wonderful, but I had, even then, realized that God must be preparing me for something hugely uncomfortable.

I knew what trials were like. I had had plenty last year. They were not fun, not fun at all.  But then I also could affirm what the minister was saying:  "It is through trials we grow closer to God." 

"Yes! I will accept trials in my life if they draw me closer to my Savior, and I will give thanks for them."

Within a few hours of being challenged and blessed in the service, the trial began.

It had actually been coming for a while, but I had blocked out the warning signs.  I wasn't ready to handle more.

The email I received that Sunday night hit me hard.  So hard in fact that I would have been a basket case had it not been for the words of the messages I had just digested.

Our oldest daughter was sending out some strange emails, and the signs were pointing glaringly toward another break.

She had been well now for about five years.  In my heart (a mother's heart) I couldn't believe it would ever happen again.  I wanted to believe she could go on living a normal life, maybe even find some nice God fearing man whom she could marry.  I wanted to believe she was through with mental breaks.  With all my heart I wanted to believe it.

But God knew all about it.  I can thank Him for this trial because I trust Him.  He has never failed me.  He brought us through the horror of  last year; why shouldn't I believe He can take us through this?

I have no idea how bad this will be, but I am thankful that God does.  At this point all I can do is pray.  If you feel led, please pray with me.  Thanks so much.

She recovered without getting any worse, and as of  today, Nov. 2016 has not had another break.  Thank You Father.


  1. Praying for you dear friend!


  2. Praying for you and your family...He will see us through. He is faithful.

  3. Your writings are an inspiration to me. Will be praying and waiting for a good report. God bless you to receive peace and victory for your daughter. Hoping Bruce is humbly pacing himself to get rest as well. Jesus is our strength.

  4. Thanks for praying. Bruce is still needing lots of rest and it frustrates him at times. He may go hard for a couple of days and then he is totally worn out for the next two or three days. He has been through so much that I think, at this point, his body refuses to be pushed.

  5. Carol, Prayers also for you from down here (the desert in California) - you and your husband are also an inspiration to us (my Mom and me as we help Dad) - God bless you and keep you well and prayers for your daughter as well. Susie

  6. Still in our prayers, as we also pray for our loved ones here. God bless you and keep all of you safe and well.