Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Wow! He is leading and I am overwhelmed

It was one of those moments when I could have started praising God out loud, if I hadn't been all choked up.

I had already been walking in a cloud for the last couple of days.

In the last post I referred to a piece of property that the Lord was leading us to.  We didn't know why He wanted us to have it, but even before we had seen it, the Lord told Bruce that He wanted him to have that property.

We knew very little about it at the time other than where it was located.  A sheep farmer friend had suggested we have a look.

From the day Bruce told me what the Lord had said, I considered it ours.  It helped that every time I opened my Bible, I would see verses about cultivating the land or caring for sheep.  I have always dreamed of being able to live a homesteader lifestyle, (see: our dream and even before that: a little piece of Heaven) so I was just a little awed by the fact that God was telling us He wanted us to have it.

When we looked at the property and saw the pond, the fruit trees, the sandy loam soil and the easy access, we began to see why we were directed to that particular lot, but then we couldn't seem to be able to get the financing we needed.  It could have been very discouraging had it not been for the assurance God gave us that we were going in the right direction.

When we thought we had hit a brick wall, I made a phone call to the owner.  "Would you consider holding a mortgage?" I asked.  He said, "No problem."

We signed some papers on Friday, and we take possession in March.

I thought I was happy that day, but today I am overflowing, and moved to tears by God's direction.  I saw the lady in church that I mentioned in the last post, the one that had once owned the property, and I went over to speak with her. 

We talked a bit, and then she told me something that pleased me more than the pond or the creek or the fruit trees or the sandy loam.  She said, "You know, we used to use that corner with the pond for a church camp in the summer time.  God is just taking back His property."

Talk about a blessed piece of land!  I wonder how many young lives were touched for eternity on that piece of ground.  I pray that God will continue to use it for His glory.

And I am still bawling!!

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