Friday, December 09, 2011

Was that just coincidence?

It could be a coincidence, I suppose.  The lady did just happen to sit down beside us at the dinner table.  We knew her, but not well.

I was my usual talkative self, and lately I have had a certain piece of property on my mind.  Both Bruce and I have felt that this property is where God wanted us, and that makes it hard for me not to want to talk about it.

It is exciting.

But then, just a couple of days ago, we began getting discouraged.  It's just so hard waiting.  It's too easy to start to wonder if you really are listening to the leading of the Lord or if maybe it's just your own desires.

This was the stage we were at when we went to the Christmas dinner.

I still hadn't stopped talking about the property, though.  There were farmers sitting across from us and I was fishing for words of wisdom from them.  But it was the highly cultured teacher type lady sitting next to me whose words made an impact.

I was in the midst of explaining exactly where it was located when she asked the question.  "Is it right beside a great big white barn?"

Now I was delighted to be talking to someone who actually knew where the place was. But I was in for more of a surprise.  "We used to own that place," she stated.

Apparently, she and her husband lived there while they raised their family and taught at a school in the area.  They eventually sold it, and later it was sold again, and divided into three plots; the one facing west with the house and barn, the one facing south , and then, the one in the corner between with the pond in the middle, the piece of land we had been looking at and dreaming about.

I think God knew that He needed to boost our faith just a little, and so He chose a former owner of that very property to help us see that He was still in control.

That little incident helped us today when a farm finance company turned us down.  They said they don't know about market gardening well enough to be able to assess whether or not we would make a living off the land.  It could have been discouraging but it wasn't.  We knew God was going to provide some other way.

Within a couple of hours of being turned down, something else happened that may provide the start of the solution.  I'll let you know about it in the next post.

I just wanted to give a public thank you to the Lord for understanding our need for encouragement.  Isn't He wonderful!

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