Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruce's Video Thank You

The same day Bruce wrote the letter he also made a video telling about his dementia, the coconut oil, and his subsequent recovery.  I have had to edit this down to get it on YouTube but it is well worth watching, a living miracle of Divine intervention.

Thank you all for your prayer support.

Several people have asked how to use the coconut oil so I have written a detailed how to: How to treat dementia and Alzheimer's with coconut oil

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A letter of thanks from my husband to you

This letter was written and sent to me  by my husband for distribution. Other than  some spelling changes, the writing and thoughts are all his.  A huge accomplishment!!

I am now at home. It has been a long hard journey with my health deteriorating. First an infection on my heart valve called endocarditis did at least two major damages: it destroyed my heart valve which had to be replaced with a bovine heart valve and the poison from the fungous infected my brain leaving me with dementia. There are also other infected organs: my spleen, my gall bladder and my liver. I was near death on two or three occasions.
I want to thank people around the world that prayed for me. I thank you by means of this email. I thank you for your support and constantly holding me up to God in prayer. I believe you are one of the reasons I am still alive. I also believe God is not finished with me yet and has a purpose in extending my life and ministry.
I want you to know that when my wife was worn out and the doctor recommend putting me in a nursing home, she prayed to God and asked Him for wisdom. The next day she checking her face-book contacts and was checking out a new person that listed a You Tube Video dealing with dementia and using Coconut Oil to treat it. The doctor telling the events was having very good success. In the hospital I was tested to identify my cognitive skills. I was at a level of 11 out of 30. This was worse than Dr. Newbury's, husband as related in the You Tube, he was at 14 out of 30 prior to the Coconut Oil.
M wife had bought some Coconut Oil on a whim at the grocer store. God gave her wisdom, after watching the video. She decided, “I'm going to try it on Bruce”. There were many things I couldn't do, such as dial a telephone, use my computer, speak words to convey my thoughts. I was delirious and wandered at night. She knew that DR. New bury said initially results took about three hours. Within three hours I began to speak sentences clearly. After that my wandering and delirium ceased
My doctor visited me one Sunday night. My questions and answers were clearly spoken and thoughtful. He was so impressed by my change that he arranged another cognitive skills test at his office. I took the test the next Friday. Later the doctor called and told my wife I scored 24 out of 30. Clearly God had given my wife, Carol wisdom. I am thankful to my faithful wife of the forty three years. 
I continue to improve every day. I can now dial the telephone and my use of my computer is also returning. I have written this email on my computer and thought out what I was going to say. I just built a set of six shelves and mounted them against the wall. They will hold extra DVD 's and books that I cannot currently store properly. God in His wisdom has seen fit to resort me to a useful life. I look forward to see how God uses me in the ministry that he called me to while I was yet a child.
There are many challenge to overcome ahead of me yet.
Don't stop reading, thinking well, that is over. The journey continues, I still need your prayer support.
Once again, I thank you for your prayer support and interest in my journey.

Yours in His Service.

Bruce A. Flett.

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The Builder

January is half gone and Bruce is doing well.  It has been over a month since I started him on the coconut oil, and his dementia has not returned.  The cognitive skills test done January 7 was 24 out of 30, quite a jump from the 11 out of 30 he was before.  About the only thing he was still having problems with on the test was math, something which is coming back gradually.
Last week he started getting ambitious.  He figured that we needed more shelving for our videos, so he decided to build a set of shelfs.  I cut the boards, since his hands still are rather shaky, but he did everything else.  It's a huge accomplishment for someone who, a few weeks ago, couldn't even dress himself.
The past year has taken us on quite an emotional ride, and I thank all of you who stuck with us and prayed us through each dip and turn.
I hope that this year I will be able to get back to the series I was trying to write about past experiences we have had while following God's leading, but if I can't resist throwing in a note of praise for what God is doing right now in the present, I'm sure you will understand.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

What a Glorious Way to Start a New Year - no Dementia

What a way to start the new year!  From watching my husband's mental health get worse and worse, to seeing a sudden wonderful change taking place, it is all so hard to fathom.  I was resigned to having lost my husband; it was more like having to look after a small child, but now, praise the Lord, I have my husband back.
He is doing all the things he couldn't do a month ago.  He is taking care of all his personal needs; he is using the telephone, operating his computer on his own, and reading short books; he is even starting to talk about building a bookshelf, (with a little bit of help from a son-in-law) all things that he couldn't even attempt a month ago.
The Lord has been answering prayer, and I am overwhelmed.
The changes started happening quite suddenly after I prayed for wisdom to know what I should be doing.  You can check my Everyday Christian Blog for more about how it happened.
Bruce is now thinking logically.  I can run things by him like I used to, and I appreciate that fact more than I ever did before.
It's been almost a month now since the improvements started, and I still Thank God for each new day that Bruce wakes up and talks to me without getting all confused.  Today he went to the doctor's office and did the same cognitive test that he had done before, the one that convinced the doctor that he was beyond hope.  This time I think he aced the test.
But the most beautiful thing to see happened this evening.  We were at a music night at friends and someone asked for prayer.  Bruce led in prayer for her, and the same anointing was there when he prayed, just like it used to be.  God's not finished with him yet!!
A doctor in Toronto told me once that he would never preach again.  I can't wait to see God prove her
wrong! Thank You Lord.

Note: If you compare the picture taken today with ones from before he started getting better you will see a huge difference.

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