Monday, November 14, 2011

Still blogging

When I found out that I would not be getting my laptop back I got out an old slow laptop that we had saved for the grandkids.  I tried to connect it to the net but had no success. 

Yesterday, I wanted to look at some pictures so I turned it on again, and to my surprise, it was connected.  It's slow and not as efficient but it is working. Thank You, Lord. 

I still believe I need to spend less time on the net, but now I can at least keep the blogs going and answer mail.  Thanks everyone for your concern.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Posts will probably be fewer and farther between

I believe God is leading us in every aspect in our lives.  When my laptop broke down on Monday it wasn't a catastrophe, it was just a gentle nudging from my Lord, telling me to spend a lot less time on the net.  I still have access to my husband's desk top which I enjoy using about as much as he liked using my laptop. 

Now I am not nearly as tempted to spend the day with my eyes glued to a screen.  So if you see less of me these days just know that the Lord is still leading us along, and this quieter period is one that He ordained for me at this time.

I will probably still keep in touch and I hope you will, too, but more important, I hope we all keep in touch with our Saviour.  He deserves so much more of our attention than we usually find time for.

May God bless you, my wonderful friends.