Thursday, January 05, 2012

It's a Roller Coaster ride but we're hanging on!

It's a good thing we know our Lord is at the controls, or this would be a scary ride.  Last post I said we had signed papers to buy a piece of land, but when the lawyer's office typed it up they included a clause about the vender paying any HST (tax) if applicable, just to be safe.

The vender hadn't told us, but knew that there was HST applicable and had no intention of paying.

Now what were we to do.  I had already testified that God wanted us to have this property. ( See Wow! He is Leading )  It really seemed that His hand had been in it right from the start. And yet now it looked like the whole deal would fall through.

I wanted to have faith that the land would be ours, but the circumstances didn't look good.  There was no way we could pay the taxes.  Those taxes would cost as much as our down payment on the land.  We knew we couldn`t do it.  Could God still work things out?

During my morning devotions I asked the Lord to give me something to help my faith.  I told Him that I had already testified about what He was doing, and now it looked like I would have to come back to my readers ashamed and defeated.

Then I opened my Bible to let Him speak to me. Here is what He said: Isaiah 54:4 Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame. ...

I knew He had an answer.  All I had to do was wait on Him.

Today things look much better.  Because we are planning on having a market garden, we got an HST number.  The venders who are in the land business got one too.  Our bookkeeper told us, and the lawyer checked and confirmed the fact that as long as we both have a number we can self assess and don't need put anything on the HST.

Thank You Jesus!

I wonder how many more surprises await us as we proceed with this venture.  I`m so glad I know the One Who is in control.

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  1. Sounds like you were experiencing what Bill Gothard terms, "Death of a vision." May He continue to lead...and you follow.