Friday, February 24, 2012

My plans or God's plans

We keep on planning and God keeps on saying, "have patience, I have a plan. I'll lead and you just follow."

We had a motor home picked out to live on while we worked.  It was only $2000.  We were going to go to Toronto to see it.  But then we encountered a road block in our plans.

We were going to get an old truck to use for the farm, but we weren't allowed to tow it back so that didn't happen.

We were going to buy a combination electric/wood cook stove for our new property but the day we decided to go look at it, God sent someone else to buy it after it had been listed for at least a month.

We took plans to get them done up into proper blueprints, but before we arrived back home we called and told them to hold off.  We were rethinking our plans.

We decided instead to build a cord-wood home, but when we looked into it we discovered that it would be more expensive than a conventional home.

We planned on doing a lot of the work ourselves, and at least saving the labor costs.  But now, Bruce is back in the hospital with another infection in his blood.  His brain is fine, (thank God for that)  but his body is weak.  It doesn't seem practical to expect a whole lot of physical labor from him.

We hoped to sell our home and at least have enough finances to pay the building permits, get the water and septic, and start building, but our home is not sold yet.

We are in His will buying the land.  That is as much as we know for sure.  I truly believe He wants us to work the land, keep a few chickens and some sheep, and build a house, but it will be in His time and according to His blueprint, not ours; a real challenge for a compulsive planner like myself.

I'm so glad the Lord has patience with me!  And even in my own impatience, God  still leads us along.

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