Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Even the little things

Yesterday I was wondering what I would do for a wheelbarrow.  There are so many things that I will need on the land, some more urgent than others, but the one thing I didn't have and will need right away was a wheelbarrow.

Not any wheelbarrow would do.  I needed a light one that didn't weigh a ton even before I filled it. I find heavy duty ones just don't work for me.

 I didn't want to go out and spend a lot of money for one, and even if I could have afforded it, I didn't see anything in the stores that would work for me.  And yet I knew that somehow I would need a way to haul things like dirt and plants across my field. 

We get the land tomorrow, and I am taking King Solomon's advice and working the field before building the house.  I have my shovel waiting in the car ready to go, but I had no wheelbarrow.

This morning I went to see if the new windows, that the restore said they were getting, were there yet.  They weren't.  But there was a little wheelbarrow sitting out in the yard.  I had never seen one there before.  It was old and small and not worth much to anyone else.  But for me it was perfect. 

I wound up paying $5.00 for it.  

Thank You, Lord for supplying even the little things.

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