Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Van

In the last post I listed a number of things the Lord stopped us from doing, and in that list I mentioned the need for a farm vehicle, and how the Lord stopped us from buying one. I said that when we found out why God had stopped us, I would let you know.

Well, we know now.

 A couple of days ago Bruce called his friend, Ray Maddox.  After being in the hospital for a week, Bruce wanted to catch up on the news and thank Ray for his prayers.  Ray is a minister, too, and has always been a real encouragement to Bruce.  The two men often spend the evening on the phone with each other.

Ray was filling him in on his latest acquisition. Apparently, he had just bought a 2009 truck.  He explained that he thought there was some work that needed to be done on his van, and because he didn't have family nearby to do it for him, he decided to put the money into a new truck instead.

We have a son-in-law who likes to work with cars and is good at it.

  When Bruce asked his friend how much he wanted for the van, Ray said he didn't want anything for it.  He wanted us to have it.

Our Loving Father must have wanted us to have it, too.  It is much better than the truck Bruce had tried to buy.  The Lord didn't let him take that truck home because he wanted to give us this van instead.

(I can't post a picture of the van because we haven't picked it up yet, so I posted a picture of Bruce with his friend Ray instead)

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