Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Incredible surprise welcoming committee

The Lord is still full of fantastic surprises!  We walked our own land today after waiting impatiently all morning for the lawyer to finished the paperwork.  Our Heavenly Father had timed it just right.  He sent the most amazing welcoming committee.

It was already after 2PM when we arrived at our property, so Bruce and I immediately began planning where the house would be built.  We were pacing out the site of the septic system when a beautiful black lab came bounding across the field toward us to say hello.

He was still making sure we knew we were welcome when two little girls emerged from the trees.  They were looking for their dog.

Even from a distance the girls looked familiar.  They were approximately the age of our granddaughter Noelia, and when they started talking with their distinctive British accent I knew I wasn't imagining it.  These girls were the best of friends with Noelia, and they were homeschoolers as well. 

It wasn't long before their mom came to find out what was keeping them, and together we had a jubilant praise time, knowing that this was all part of God's plan.  We even learned that our neighbors on the other side are Christians, too.

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