Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What have you got in the house?

I was quizzing the Lord for answers again.  It bothered me to think of increasing our debt load again.  We were so determined to get out of debt.  "What's the answer, Lord Jesus?" I questioned.  He had given me answers in the past, monumental ones.

I knew He had an answer for us again, there had to be a precedent set in His word.  All the important answers are found in His word.  Normally I open my Bible and He speaks to me through the words on the page, but this time I sat thinking, listening, and sifting through the many Bible stories I had heard and read since I was a baby.

There was one about a widow woman who was about to loose everything because of her debts.  She asked the prophet Elisha for help.  "What have you got in the house?" he asked.

Her answer: "Just a little bit of oil."

"What have I got in my house" I wondered.  I did have some plants I could sell, but the garden season was still a couple of months away.

I thought about the Widow's answer, "Just some oil" and yet God used that little bit of oil to get her out of debt and let her live from the sale from then on.

It took a while to register.  Bruce had already been suggesting we take the coconut oil we had bought in bulk, and repackage it, and sell some of it at the market.  I was dragging my feet.  I expected to have to deal with a heap of rules and regulations.

Today we visited Keady market.  The Market clerk didn't think there would be any problem selling coconut oil.  Then we went to see the health Inspector.  It wasn't all that bad.  We called our supplier and cleared it with him.

All we need now are the glass jars, a folding table, and the blessing of the Lord.  This may only be a way to develop a customer base at the market before garden season, or just the opportunity to witness about God's miracle working power, but whatever the reason, we expect to be marketers again soon.

(By the way, if you live in the Owen Sound area and need some coconut oil, please let us know.)

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  1. Can you tell me how to get coconut oil, and the price of - say 2 pounds?

    Diane Eaton