Sunday, April 01, 2012

Build your Sheep Shed - but

As I sat down to read my Bible this morning I was still stiff from helping Bruce build the sheep shed. I was not asking or searching the Bible for a specific word from the Lord.  I simply turned to the scripture passage where I left off in Numbers.

But my Savior was waiting to talk to me and He sure knew how to catch my attention.

Holding my attention has not been all that easy lately.  My mind is constantly absorbed with the details of starting a market garden, designing the house, thinking about financing,  and, of course, planning for the two pregnant milk sheep that will be arriving April 15th.

When I sat down to read, I admit, my mind was still not completely engaged.  But then I realized what I was reading about.  The children of Israel were finally ready to cross the Jordan.  They had already fought and won some land before the crossing, and a couple of tribes who had a lot of cattle wanted to have it for their herds. 

The verse that caught my attention, as nothing else could have, was where Moses was speaking: Numbers 32:24 "Build cities for your little ones and FOLDS FOR YOUR SHEEP ..." 

My first thought was "Wow! You are with us in what we are doing."  But as I continued to read I got thinking about Moses's full admonition:

"Build that sheep shed - but don't stop fighting the battle.  Your brothers and sisters need you there for support."  

I thought of how lax I had been in my prayer life lately, with so many other thoughts crowding in during my prayer time, and I knew that the Lord had just spoken to me with gentle correction. 

I want you to know that I am praying with you today.  We are in this battle together and we need each other now more than ever.

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