Friday, October 19, 2012

Whew! I can breathe again!  The last post on this blog we had found the house the Lord wanted us to have, but the road blocks preventing us from getting it were enormous. Our faithful Father has brought us through a lot of training sessions to get us where we are at today.

We have been too busy trying to beat deadlines to even post reports on the many ways our Lord has provided, other than a few quick entries on our Shiloh Farm Products blog.

This week I could see a goal in sight.

We have been doing all the work without a builder's loan or bridge financing because the banks won't even look at moving an existing house.  The Lord has been providing on a day to day basis, with an unexpected loan from a friend and the coconut oil business that He directed us into, but as the work progressed our resources stretched incredibly thin.

Contractors needed to be paid and there just wasn't the money to pay them.  They were OK to wait until we got our mortgage if it was soon, but that couldn't happen until we had an appraisal done, and the appraisal couldn't be done until the main part of the house was completed.

This week we were coming close.  I calculated just how much work was left to be jammed into the least amount of time and figured I could call the appraiser for Friday.  But the man had become super busy and said he wouldn't be able to do it till Monday at the earliest.

I was a little disappointed but realized that it was more realistic timing, and figured that God knew we couldn't get things done before then.

I have to laugh at His sense of humor.

The appraiser called yesterday (Thursday) after breakfast.  He could come at 2pm if that was OK with us.

I hesitated.  It was impossible.  There was no way we could get the whole house cleaned up, the siding patched where it was missing, the siding painted, the caulking done, the last bit of trim put up, the stair rail done, the light fixture put up, the den straightened out, the mounds of wood scraps cleaned up, etc. all before 2pm that day.

"Sure," I said.  After all, if the Lord hadn't wanted the appraiser to come on Thursday, He wouldn't have given him an opening he hadn't expected, or He would have left him to enjoy a couple of hours break in his otherwise hectic schedule. (he told us later that he had figured he would just stay home and catch up, but then he changed his mind and called us)

At this point I started to panic.  How could we do it?  Curtiss and Brandon were there to finish off a few jobs but that would take all day.  I was in the midst of filling a planter box that went along the stair way. I was making a mess but the job had to be finished before I could clean up.

I needed help and I knew who I needed, but I also knew that she had a terribly busy schedule and would be working.

Paula Classey is the pastor's wife at the little country church where we have been attending.  She works cleaning homes and buildings and has dealt with a lot of construction sights worse than ours.  She is also wonderful to have around at any time or situation.

But Paula almost never gets any time off.  I called anyway.

Guess what!  Paula had a day off.  Isn't God wonderful!

At 2pm the house sparkled.  The work had been done inside and out.  It was incredible, impossible, unimaginable, but the work that we would have had a hard time getting done in three days was finished in those few short hours.

The goal we have been working toward for months has been reached, and now we are just waiting to hear from the bank, the final hurdle.

God is still in control.


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