Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another treat from the Father

The Lord had a neat surprise for me yesterday.

I needed to go into Owen Sound yesterday.  I had to meet with someone to drop off a case of coconut oil, and I needed to see about getting some doors and baseboard heaters from the Restore, which meant that I had to take the van.  The coconut oil barrels had been moved to the house so the van was empty.

I decided to stop at the compost site on the way in to town to see if I could pick up something to use as mulch. I was headed out, but then I went back in and grabbed my barn jacket, my crocks and my garden gloves just in case I would need them at the compost.

I did get a couple of bags of leaves to throw on the garden beds I was preparing at the front of the house.  I at least wanted to have the beds ready to plant with flowers in the spring.

Then I got an urge to go past our old place just to see what was happening to the garden there.  As I drove slowly past I realized that something had changed.  The cherry tree and my favorite saskatoon bush were missing.

I stepped on the brake.  I had to find out what had happened to the saskatoon bush.

When I knocked on the door and told the elderly lady who I was she was delighted that I had come.  She had been trying to reach me for several days.  She needed to get rid of a lot of the garden to cut down on her work load, and she wondered if I would like to take the plants.

I asked her about the saskatoon bush.  She said she had gotten rid of it, but when I showed my disappointment she took a closer look and told me that there was still some root in the ground.  Sure enough, the bush was sprouting up again.

I put on my old jacket, my crocks and my work gloves, and I was all set to go. (not just a happy coincident that they were in the van when I needed them) 

I now have a whole lot of perennials that I thought I would never see again.  They are like old friends who have returned to me after a short time away.

Isn't God good!

I've been working most of today planting flowers, and although the weatherman called for rain, I didn't get wet.  Thanks again, Lord.

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