Sunday, November 25, 2012

God provided a way to get the job done

I had the boxes and bags of plants that God had given me, but now what should I do?  Although the front of my house had the topsoil replaced, I knew that it was not ready to have a bunch of perennials plunked in.

 I had learned a long time ago that if I wanted to be able to keep ahead with my garden, I needed to smother the weeds and fertilize the ground. I usually did it by laying down layers of newspaper or cardboard and then piling loads of compost over that.

I knew there was composted horse manure next door, and they had said I could take some, but I also knew that it would take me a month to get the amount I needed and the weather would not hold.  Still I asked the neighbor if it was alright if I came and got some.

But the Lord had already planned ahead.  He hadn't given me the flowers without providing the nourishment and protection they needed.

The neighbor had been given the use of a piece of machinery with a big bucket.  He was planning on moving the composted manure because it was in the way of the horse ring they were about to construct.  He would bring the stuff over.  All he needed to know was:  where would I like him to dump it.

I had just put out a whole lot of cardboard for recycling but found out it was the wrong week for recycling.  The cardboard was still there ready for me to use along with the newspapers I had been saving.

God had it all planned, even the week of beautiful weather that made it a joy to do the gardening.

I still wonder why He was so interested in seeing my flower garden progress, but I guess since He created the first garden which included every variety of flower, He obviously loves flowers even more than I do.

Incidentally, just in case you're wondering, the horse dung was so well composted that there was no smell to it.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another treat from the Father

The Lord had a neat surprise for me yesterday.

I needed to go into Owen Sound yesterday.  I had to meet with someone to drop off a case of coconut oil, and I needed to see about getting some doors and baseboard heaters from the Restore, which meant that I had to take the van.  The coconut oil barrels had been moved to the house so the van was empty.

I decided to stop at the compost site on the way in to town to see if I could pick up something to use as mulch. I was headed out, but then I went back in and grabbed my barn jacket, my crocks and my garden gloves just in case I would need them at the compost.

I did get a couple of bags of leaves to throw on the garden beds I was preparing at the front of the house.  I at least wanted to have the beds ready to plant with flowers in the spring.

Then I got an urge to go past our old place just to see what was happening to the garden there.  As I drove slowly past I realized that something had changed.  The cherry tree and my favorite saskatoon bush were missing.

I stepped on the brake.  I had to find out what had happened to the saskatoon bush.

When I knocked on the door and told the elderly lady who I was she was delighted that I had come.  She had been trying to reach me for several days.  She needed to get rid of a lot of the garden to cut down on her work load, and she wondered if I would like to take the plants.

I asked her about the saskatoon bush.  She said she had gotten rid of it, but when I showed my disappointment she took a closer look and told me that there was still some root in the ground.  Sure enough, the bush was sprouting up again.

I put on my old jacket, my crocks and my work gloves, and I was all set to go. (not just a happy coincident that they were in the van when I needed them) 

I now have a whole lot of perennials that I thought I would never see again.  They are like old friends who have returned to me after a short time away.

Isn't God good!

I've been working most of today planting flowers, and although the weatherman called for rain, I didn't get wet.  Thanks again, Lord.

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