Thursday, April 11, 2013

Training my eyes

This whole eye drop/glaucoma/amnesian episode started me on a new adventure into the world of natural which I believe is the leading of the Lord.

I was frustrated. I was maybe even just a little jealous.  Why do I have to have problems with my eyes.  It's hard to blog without good eyessight.    My friend, who happens to have a degree in naturopathy and a number of other related  subjects, doesn't even need glasses and she is in her 70s.

Esther cured her bad eyesight when she was young and hasn't worn glasses since.  She does a lot of reading and her eyes are perfect.

She told me that her husband had started wearing glasses when he was preaching in dim light and couldn't see properly to read his Bible.  But now he is not using them any more.  Now he is training his eyes using pinhole glasses.

I tried on his pinhole glasses.  I could actually read with them.  Amazing!  No lenses, just a bunch of holes but they make the words come out clear.

 I decided to get some for myself. They take some adjusting to, but after using them my eyes feel better and I can actually see clearer than I could before wearing them.

I'm an old woman, going to be a senior citizen this year.  My eyes are old too and may never get back to seeing clearly on their own, but this feels like at least I am doing something.

As far as the glaucoma: we are working on that too in other ways, but I would still rather lose my vision than my memory. (See the previous post)

I believe God can heal eyes.  He has done it many times before.  Sometimes He said thy faith has made you whole.  One time He made clay and put it on the eyes.  I don't kow how He wants to do it, but all I can do is wait on Him.  Maybe He has sent me Esther to help me gain my vision.  Who knows?  Only He does.

If you want to find out more about pinhole glasses they have them at Amazon.  I didn't try the really cheep ones, but most of them run from $2.00 to $20.00, not a big investment.  These are the ones I have:  Pinhole glasses

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  1. do they correct or just help you read better? i have read about eye exercises to improve sight too. thanks.