Friday, January 04, 2013

Two years on coconut oil and fifty pounds lighter

It's been two years now since the Lord led me to try coconut oil when my husband had dementia and was dying.  I had no way of knowing then what all God had planned.  I was thrilled just to watch as Bruce's dementia disappeared and his health began returning.  And then I began to see his blood sugar dropping until he didn't need any insulin or pills any more. 

The focus was all on Bruce because he was the one who was so sick.  I hardly even noticed that I was starting to look and feel better myself. After the first month on coconut oil I started dropping a few pounds a month; not a lot, usually between one and four pounds, just enough to know that something was happening.

Out of the two years since we started, there have only been three months that I have not lost something, and I am now over fifty pounds lighter than I was before Bruce got sick. I am also off Pantaloc, a pill that cuts the production of acid in the stomach.

So both Bruce and I can now say, "Thank You God for the year of horrendous sickness in 2010.  It brought us to a place of health we never really expected to see again."

Once again we can see how God has been leading us along.