Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cancer Stage Four

It is cancer.  And we are still praising Him.  Yesterday, Bruce had the CAT scan.  In the afternoon the roads were so bad that the nurses sent the families home.  I went back to Susy's and Hank's.  Later in the afternoon, Bruce called.  Dr. Caal had been in to see him.  He told him it was cancer in the liver and colon.  He wanted to do a colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy was another test they had planned to do three and a half years ago but put off when they found the endocarditis.

They did it today and then came and talked to us.  It was colon cancer that had spread to the liver and lungs; stage 4. The doctor says they can't operate and he doesn't think chemo is an option.  I said it was OK; we would leave it in God's hands, and he agreed with that.  A doctor from oncology will be coming to see us tomorrow basically to talk.

We are at peace.  I believe that he will be healed, but as Bruce said today, whether he is here he is with the Lord or whether he is taken home he is still with the Lord.  Either way we will praise him.

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  1. Carol and Bruce,
    The Crossroads Victory Church Family will stand with you and your family in prayer. We also believe that God is a BIG God who can move mountains...He is in the miracle business! Praying for God's peace through it all. Bless you!
    P. Tina and Brian Drysdale

  2. Hi Carol. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. I will be praying for him. I thank you for posting about the coconut oil. I went to youtube and saw much information on it. I am passing it on to others. Bless you today.