Monday, January 27, 2014

Spot on the liver

Here I am again sitting at Bruce's bedside in the hospital typing while he rests.  The Doctor was just in.  He said they want to do a CAT scan and then probably a biopsy.  He is worried that it could be cancer. 

But I remember them wanting to do the same biopsy almost four years ago.  He was in pain like he is now, and he had no appetite then either.  The difference then was that he also had a fever.  At first they thought the main problem was his liver.  They said he had cirrhosis of the liver. (not the kind caused by alcohol because he doesn't drink)  They were wondering about cancer of the liver, but then they discovered the endocarditis and everything else got set aside while they worked on the biggest crisis, a wrecked aorta heart valve.

The symptoms connected to the liver went away together with all the other problems when he started taking the coconut oil. His numbers stayed good and the doctor did not seem to have any concerns. That's why we were so shocked now after three years when it all started flooding back.

I've cried almost as much now as I did back then, and yet I know, just as I knew then, that God is still in control.

I know that Bruce could not have dealt with the liver problem three years ago.  There was way too much else to deal with back then.  But I had hoped that the problem had gone away and not just gone into hiding.

But even in this God has a plan for our good.  Three years ago we couldn't understand the why of that trial, but we still praised him, and now we understand.  Today I don't understand this new trial, but I will still praise him, and some day I will understand why Bruce is having to go through this.

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