Thursday, January 16, 2014

Update on Bruce's condition

I can't help hearing his groaning, as I toss in bed alone.  He is probably on the reclining chair, maybe the couch or the strait-backed chair.  His nights are spent playing musical chairs, or musical beds or whatever else there is he can rest on that may help him ignore the pain.

When I wrote that first paragraph I had no idea what was going on, only that he was in a lot of pain, that his appetite was gone and that his pulse was up, and yet his temperature was below normal.

Yesterday morning we went in to emergency and they did some tests.  They couldn't find anything, but they scheduled an ultrasound for this morning.  This evening the doctor called.  When a doctor calls in the evening it's not a good sign. 

He says there is a problem with the gallbladder and he has cirrhosis of the liver. These were problems that existed when he had endocarditis, but we thought they had been healed.  They certainly hadn`t given him any problems, and when he had asked the doctor about them, he had been told that everything was good.

Tonight all that changed.  The poisons are still in his system, and just when he starts feeling good they pop up again in one form or another.  Every year he winds up in the hospital for some residual symptom of the initial sickness that happened in 2010. 

 The doctor wants to see him tomorrow at 9:15am EST.  When a busy doctor gives you an appointment early the next morning that is definitely not a good sign.

What is going on, Lord?  We trust you.  We know you have led us step by step to where we are now, and that we are still walking in your perfect will for our lives, but . . .

When will it all end?  Give us grace to go through this, Lord.

But I will still be thankful.  His dementia has never come back, and his blood sugar is still normal.  The diabetes is gone.  Thank You, Lord, for that, and for all You will do in the future. 

I've shared this with you for a very special reason.  In 2010, when Bruce was near death, many of you from around the world prayed for him, and God miraculously healed him.  Now we need that prayer support again.

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